Thursday, August 19, 2010

God Bless Betty White

I’ve always been of the philosophy that once you reach a certain age, you’ve outlived and outlearned so many of us that you’re entitled to your opinion and to scream it from the rooftops. Who would’ve ever thought that this Golden Girl would become the new It Girl? She’s even got a new, self help book, “Listen Up!” on the way this fall, Whether its booty shaking with Sandra Bullock or a crazy death metal video on SNL, Betty White’s got it going on. This prompts me to realize that as our family moves from place to place, PCS to PCS, the most memorable people are often the unsuspecting, older folks who enter our lives. Sure, I’ve made some great friends along the way, who are my age or younger, but the ones that burn in my memory most are those who have been there, done that and know exactly who they are and happy to be there. One that comes to mind is Miss Minnie our beloved Arts Council of Wilson cleaning lady. She would come into the office with a song, laugh and tell stories that would make you smile even if you had no idea what they were about at the end of the tale – perhaps the overwhelming amount of bleach wafting through the hallways had some effect on that. So, with all of these moves, making new friends, finding new schools and hairdressers, I realize that it’s important to remember that it’s the people you wouldn’t suspect often make the biggest impact. So, Betty, I’m with you sister, bring it on and lead the way.